What's In a Name?

While I may not know every little bend and turn along the road of  this journey to the land of Craft Beer, I do know one thing, the  eventual name that will emblazon the crest as I cross the threshold into  my own craft brewery, Strong Rope.

Strong Rope is a name with origins that date back to 2001. First and  foremost it is an homage to Eric Ropiteau who died on  September 11th. He was my best friend and has been an inspiration for  everything I have done since then and this is my small way to honor his  memory. A nickname of his had been Rope, and he was an amazing guy,  albeit a bit eccentric, but that is what I loved about him. So I  had come up with a name, a catch phrase if you will, that at that point  was not  attached to anything in particular, just more of a feeling I had when thinking of  him.

 I started home brewing about a year later  and as I am sure most home  brewers do, played around with names for my brewery. My first idea for  the name of the brewery, while wholly appropriate, DrunkenSahler, just  was lacking something… Oh yeah, class! It wasn’t till a couple of years  later that I had applied Strong Rope to the brewery, and it just fit.

But it is much more than just an homage to my long lost friend and brother, it is a philosophy.

Sustainability is of paramount importance for me and it  can be broken down into four integral parts; social, environmental,   economic and cultural. In other words for this brewery; People, Planet,  Profit and the Pint. It is  important to have a strong community, a strong earth, a strong business, and a strong understanding of the culture you are entering. While I am obviously  using this for my brewery, i think this applies to any industry and  business.The community; the earth; the  business, the culture. All of these need to be strong and to work  together in order  for each to thrive.

Whenever and where ever I start my brewery it is going to not just  deliver amazing brews, it is going to give back to the  community that my family and I live in, to the earth that provides the  essential ingredients, to the people that work not just for me but  with me, and I hope to the overall culture of beer.